Below products are in limited supply and subject to availability.  These products are located in our West Coast facility and are up to 35% off of our listed price.  For more information, please contact our sales team.


Color Code Package On Hand/LB  in Date  Note
Granular S130WG 3086LB Supsack 12344 Nov.2015  
Iron Oxide Red 4120 50LB bag 2200 Jul.2010  
Iron Oxide Red 4125 50LB bag 1100 Jul.2013  
Iron Oxide Red H109 50LB bag 650 before2008  
Iron Oxide Red H139 50LB bag 350 before2008  
Iron Oxide Red H199 50LB bag 600 before2008  
Iron Oxide Black S347M 50LB bag 3200 Oct.2013
Iron Oxide Black S350M 50LB bag 2200 Oct.2013  
Iron Oxide Black S357M 50LB bag 4100 Aug.2013
Iron Oxide Red S128M 50LB bag 5250 Oct.2013  
Mica Red 50LB bag 2200 before2008  
Carbon Black  807-5LB 5LB bag 1440 Mar.2014  288 5#Bags
Brown 660-1LB 1LB bag 988 Dec.2015  988 1#Bags
Brown 660-5LB 5LB bag 1325 Dec.2015 265 5#bags