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Since the inception of our News page, Yipin USA has made more than a few mentions of our Black S380, a high strength, iron oxide jet black pigment. While we have received a great response directly from our customers, we recently discovered a LinkedIn posting that is worth mentioning.

In an article entitled “Making Color Stable black GFRC,” Mark Celebuski, of Partner Trinic, LLC discusses the challenges faced by glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) as they incorporate black into their final product. Calling black the “Achilles heel of GFRC,” Celebuski notes the difficulty in creating a stable black mix while also preventing efflorescence and long-term discoloration. While offering a few solutions, Celebuski states:

“Black Pigment: Yipin S380 Black is an iron oxide pigment ground very fine, the result is a color stable black pigment with a very large surface area, meaning blacker concrete. Here again you must deal with the increased water demand caused by the fineness of the pigment.”

We would like to thank Mr. Celebuski for the mention, and also encourage all of our customers interested in S380 to contact our sales team for more information or for a sample. Additionally, we encourage all of our readers to check out Mr. Celebuski’s article; it is an extremely informative posting that is definitely worth the read.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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