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4L Wind Blower

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Yipin Pigments has always been an innovator. Since our founding in 1931, Yipin has been determined and committed to manufacturing the highest grade Iron Oxide pigments in the industry. To do that, we required the best and most efficient equipment available. Through mergers and acquisitions, Yipin has grown and become the most respected pigment manufacturer in China. As was the case in 1931 our new Super Plan has the most efficient and modern equipment in the market today.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and our history. The 4L Piston Wind Blower is part of the Yipin history and is prominently displayed at our Shanghai corporate office and manufacturing plant.

In 1974, when Yipin built the Shanghai plant this 4L Piston Wind Blower was the first piece of equipment that was purchased for the new plant. At that time it was the best that could be purchased. The 4L Piston Wind Blower had one function, provide air for the oxidation equipment during chemical reaction in the manufacturing process. The 4L was a work horse and would operate continually, sometimes 24 hours a day. In 2006 she was retired and replaced with a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly Roots Blower.

The 4L had been such a huge part of the growth and success of Yipin that we made a decision to keep her. Today she sits in the courtyard of our Shanghai corporate office as proud reminder and testament to the Yipin contribution and commitment to the Iron Oxide pigment industry.

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