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Can It Already Be Ten Years?

In the dark comedy, Grosse Pointe Blank, the lead character returns home for “business,” which happens to coincide with his ten-year high school reunion.  While strolling around downtown, he happens upon an old friend who invites him to take a drive around the city.  As the two catch up, his friend unexpectedly blurts out, “ten years! ten years! ten yearrrsssss, ten years!?” While I will not go into further detail on this movie, I will recommend that you that you add it to your queue if you have yet to see this classic.

Ten years is a long time, but it can also seem to pass by in the blink of an eye.  So, it is with a bit of a surprise that I am writing this story to recognize and congratulate Paul Conaway on his ten-year anniversary with Yipin, USA.  Paul was a bit surprised when presented with a certificate last month, but after thinking about it, conceded that the math was correct.  Ten years ago, Paul was working in the garment industry, “destroying clothes,” as he put it, in an industry for which he had worked for roughly 30 years.  At the time, the landscape for the industry seemed bleak; multiple companies had relocated outside of the United States and the work, his passion, seemed to be evaporating before his eyes.  After years of “scratching the felt,” Paul noticed the writing on the walls and made his move outside of the garment industry.

While the decision was a risk, it proved to be a benefit for both Paul and Yipin, USA.  Coming in with zero experience in the pigment industry, Paul dove in head first, learning every aspect of our products, and our customers’ needs.  He increased our presence throughout the United States and expanded our brand.  We are eternally grateful for his work and want to recognize and thank him for his ten years of service.

When you have a moment, feel free to reach out to Paul and acknowledge this milestone.  Hopefully we can keep him around for another ten years!

Thank you, Paul and, once again, congratulations!

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