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High Purity Iron Oxide

Yipin USA’s High Purity Iron Oxides are manufactured through our Yipin Colorant Division. They have created a tailor-made color solution for your business. Please contact one of our sales managers and they connect you with our Colorant Division.

Yipin Colorant is ISO-9001 certified for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment. We ensure our worldwide customers receive consistent, quality controlled pigments that meet the highest international requirements for cosmetic color and pharmaceutical colors. Our High Purity Iron Oxides are good for all applications that require a high purity pigment.

Cosmetic Inorganic Pigments | Yipin USA

Cosmetic Inorganic Pigments
(PDF size – 874kb)

Cosmetic Organic Pigments | Yipin USA

Cosmetic Organic Pigments
(PDF size – 464kb)

Cosmetic Pigments | Yipin USA

Cosmetic Pigments
(PDF size – 988kb)

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