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Move into 2021

Thank Goodness 2020 has left the building however the effects of the COVID-19 virus are still with us as we move into 2021.  There are positive things that are happening but we are all still not completely out of the woods yet.

Can you believe that it is February, where did January go?  We have been using e-mails over the last year and have ignored our website, but now we will get back to work and provide as much information as we can on this important tool.  We have had many changes that we will inform you of, and some new employees we will introduce you to in the upcoming posting’s.  But for this post we will keep it short and provide positive news on Freight.

All companies have been dealing with increased freight cost and shipping delays.  This has been caused by some related Covid issues but also a shortage of cargo ships and equipments with a surge demand from US market.   China was not importing from the USA as much as they were so that created a shortage of containers returning to China.  The freight lines  did not wish to ship empty containers back to China so they all chose to take a number of ships off of the water and to increase the cost.  This action hurt all US industries by creating late deliveries and higher cost.  Something we all had to deal with.  But today we heard that relief may be near.

It appears that by mid to late March we may begin to see a return to some normalcy.  The shipping lines decided to begin to return some empty containers to China and will begin to put ships back on the water, as this happens we should see cost slowly come down and delays to get shorter.

Hoping this information is factual and things begin to improve.

Chinese New Year has begun so to all of you


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