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Thank You America Coatings Show and Conference!

On behalf of the entire Yipin USA team, we would like to thank the organizers of America Coatings Show and Conference (ACS/ACC) and attendees for making ACS/ACC 2018 one of the best trade shows of the year.  On a side, we would also like to recognize the city of Indianapolis for their hospitality and fine dining options; seriously how do they make those steaks taste so delicious?

Those of you who happened to swing by Booth 433, thank you for taking the time and allowing us to bend your ear and Talk Yellow pigment, and our company’s dedication to manufacturing the finest quality IOP products in the world.  It goes without saying, that those encounters make these events worthwhile and enables Yipin USA to exceed our clients’ manufacturing needs and expectations.

With the conclusion of the America Coatings Show and Conference, Yipin USA will take a few months, preparing for next year’s tradeshow.  If you were unable to attend the ACS/ACC and would like more information on our black and yellow offerings, or any other products, please feel free to reach out to our sales team

Thank you once again to the city of Indianapolis, the ACS/ACC organizers, and attendees for a spectacular show, and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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