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Yipin USA | International Manufacturer & Supplier of Iron Oxide Pigments

The Consequences of Perfection

As the saying goes, “you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs,” and Yipin had to crack more than a few when beginning production of Yellow S982.

A few years ago, Yipin began construction of our “Super Plant” in China. Upon its completion, we installed the most technologically advanced equipment and left it to our engineers to calibrate these marvels.  As is the case with most new equipment, we experienced a bit of a “learning curve,” most notably with Yellow S982.  It took more than a few production runs, but our engineers finally cracked the code, leaving our customers with a product that met their exact specifications. 

This experience, while a bit arduous, enabled our engineers to overcome the learning curve, and program the remaining colors with ease.  Still, this adventure left Yipin with one important question: “what are we going to do with the near S982 product?”  Instead of discarding the product, we combined the prior runs and are happy to announce the limited-launch of Yellow 313A. 

Similar in color to Yellow S982, 313A is a versatile pigment, that can be used in construction, paper, and other like industries, and happens to also be extremely cost effective.  If you are interested in a sample of this new product, or would like more information on 313A, feel free to reach out to our sales team

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